Custom Bookbinding

Whether you want one book or one thousand, we can accommodate you. We can produce any kind of book, from paperback to hardcover leather bound, using a variety of the highest quality materials. All of our custom bound books are bound by hand using a combination of centuries old technique and modern technology. Our customized books often include personalized journals and planners, handbooks, picture books, albums, record books, and much more. Send us your idea and we'll turn it into a book. Learn more about here bookbinding on our page on the history of bookbinding. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. The text block:

  2. Binding Styles:
    Case Bound Library Bound Single Section
    Flat back Full Binding Half Binding
    Quarter Binding Perfect Binding  

  3. Cover Materials:

    Leather: Calf skin and goat skin are generally the most desirable leathers for bookbinding, owning to their deep grain and their excellence for gold tooling. Below we have samples of goatskin--this particular line is renown for its fine and uniform finish, and its extensive color palette. These leathers generally add $40 to the cost of the book.

    Bonded Leather: Another attractive and high-quality material for the cover of your book, bonded leather is produced from genuine leather, but refined to produce a uniform material with the look, feel, and even smell of real leather, at a fraction of the cost. Bonded leather is preferred by many customers for it's refined look and glossy luster. Available in black, navy, forest green, white, and our most popular color, burgundy red.

    Sturdite: A new material on the market, sturdite has become renown in the bookbinding industry for its leather-like appearance and scratch-resistent and water-proof qualities. An affordable and more durable alternative to leather, Sturdite is an imitation leather that is completely acid-free and available in red, green, brown, black, white, blue, purple, and our most popular, burgundy.

    Bookcloth: From the silky luster of Iris bookcloth to the rugged durability of Buckram, you can mix and match a variety of cloths to make your book. Our most popular cloth, Iris, is made from 100% rayon, can be printed on, and is available in almost any color. Many customers like to use this in combination with leather to produce a half or quater-binding, with leather on the spine, and cloth on the cover board.
  4. Gold tooling: The title and other decoration on the cover are added by gold tooling, which uses a heated brass stamp, or palette, on a piece of gold leaf or gold foil, making an impression in the material where the gold will adhere. We use 22.5 karat gold leaf for the best quality tooling.
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At the base of every hardcover book is the text block, the pages of the book. The pages are generally folded into groupings called signatures, and sewn down the center fold onto lenin tapes, as shown to the right. We'll help you choose your paper stock, page design and layout for the text block of your custom binding.

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